Digital Photography in Kiev, Ukraine
Цифровая фотосъемка в Киеве
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Digital photography process ... performed by a Canon EOS 1Ds 11-megapixels Digital SLR camera (35,8x23,8mm CMOS-sensor; ISO50—1250 sensitivity; 4064x2704 pixels resolution) in conjunction with EF 28-135mm f/3,5-5,6 IS USM lens. An external powerful flash-light unit Speedlite 550EX or studio flash lighting are used when needed
The results of work could be demonstrated, written to a CD-R or DVD-R disk and delivered to a customer on the day of shooting
Selected shots could be printed at the digital minilab studio in sizes from 10x15cm and up to 30x45cm or even more if needed

Types of photoshoots:

Events Weddings
Photoreports of corporate events
Portraiture / Product shots using Studio Lighting At the customer's location
At the rented room/studio - рейтинг фоторесурсов

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